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Welcome to 35mm Retro Photo, a blog following my adventures in analogue photography.

Let me get something off my chest right off the bat. Despite the title of the blog, I don’t exclusively shoot 35mm film. I also enjoy shooting medium format and occasionally instant stuff too. There… I said it. So why call the blog 35mm Retro Photo I hear you ask! Well… I’m not smart enough to come up with anything better.

Hey ho… moving on…

I met up recently with Peggy from Camera Go Camera, and she asked me if I had a blog. At the time I didn’t, I only had instagram, and even that was pretty new. Peggy’s question got me to thinking that it was about time I motivated myself to start blogging. I’ve written guest articles for 35mmc on a few occasions, and I’ve had the odd bit of written work published in the media in the past. I enjoy writing, creating, and photographing life as it happens with old cameras, so starting a blog seems a natural progression of that.

Still… blogs can be a little bit one directional. The writer and the reader maintaining their respective roles and ne’er the twain shall meet. I really hope things can be different here. My hope is that in sharing my adventures with you, you will share yours with me. I hope to meet at least a few strange others who share my love of film photography, be that in the real world or the virtual. I also hope that in writing a blog, I am inspired to experiment with my photography, to seek out new projects and experiences, and to collaborate with others in theirs. So if you’re sitting there reading this, and you have a project that you’d like to share with me – send me a message. Don’t wait because you’ll forget. Go… Send me a message now!

As for the rest, stick around and you’ll get to know me as we go on. I’m a pretty simple chap really.



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